The Marcus Historical Society has started a genealogy section at the Reed Center.

We are asking anyone with a Marcus connection to contribute to this project. Family histories may be submitted for placement in our files or you may wish to donate a copy of your family history book for our shelves. We are also setting up files for obituaries, weddings, births, etc. . Please add your name, address, phone, and e-mail to your submissions. We will take any information of individuals, families, homes and business as long as they have a Marcus area connection.
Since our files are limited at this time it should be noted we have access to the Marcus Library files and the Cherokee County Archive files for research. We will do research on families with a Marcus connection only.
We will be asking for donations to our society for research and copies. As this is a fund raising project for our organization donations are to be sent to the Marcus Historical Society.
A guideline for donations would be $10.00 per hour plus 10 cents a copied page.

Contact Information; e-mail:
Phone: Arlene-503-577-0689-
(cell) or Linda-712-225-3681      
Or send requests and submissions to:
Marcus Historical Society
Genealogy Dept
Box 321
Marcus, IA 51035