To the Marcus Community and Surrounding Area:
The Marcus Historical Society raised from donations and grants $155, thousand since August of 2011,  for the construction of a new building and the moving of the Reed Center to 
the Marcus Fair Grounds Village site.  Our cost estimates were low on the construction of the building and move of the Reed Center. Because of this, we are again asking the community and area business for help in raising the money needed to complete this project.  Marcus is a prosperous community and able to support this endeavor.   If you wish to see our progress, you may call for a tour of our new building by contacting Sherree Ogren or Jim Nielsen.
We estimate we will be short approximately $70 thousand dollars to finish this building and move the Reed Center to the new location near the new building.
The outside of the new building is complete except for the old-time store fronts.  The Marcus Fair Board will do the landscaping with flowers and shrubs and walking paths will be made to and around the building.
The inside of the building is complete except for the finishing of the bathroom, movable partitions need to be constructed and the cement floor covered.
The Marcus Fair board will provide a restored fair ticket booth with a DVD player showing old fair footage.  Another corner will be a RR depot display.  Another will be memorabilia of Dr. Joynt, including his 1929 Ford car.  Memorabilia displays for Marcus Churches, the fire department and Marcus soldiers will also be displayed among other collections.  Artifacts we have not been able to display will be seen in the new building.
We are again applying for Grants and asking the community, (individuals and business) to continue with donations.  This will be a beautiful asset to Marcus and the Marcus Fair.  We hope to have this project completed by fair time in August of this year, 2013.  
Thank you for your time in considering this project for a donation, which may be sent to the address below or given to any of the people listed.   

Marcus Historical Society
Box 321, Marcus, IA 51035
Society e-mail:
Contact Information: President, Sherree Ogren 712 376-4465, Vice President, Jim Nielsen, 712 376-4356, Secretary, Maxine Shea, 712 376-2301, Treasurer, Faith Specht 712 376-4448.